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United Methodist Church
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801 E. Second Avenue
Rome, GA 30161
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​Dear Vital Members and Contributors of Second Avenue United Methodist Church:

      Would you invite your friends and neighbors to Second Avenue United Methodist Church? I don’t know about you but I invite them to our church all the time not just because I am the pastor but because I believe in Second Avenue United Methodist Church. I know that they will hear the good news of the Gospel during Sunday worship and enjoy genuine Christian fellowship here. I believe in God and I believe in our church!
    Your tithes and offerings have helped make Second Avenue a place of welcome for all people who are seeking to connect with God. As your pastor, I am so grateful to you for supporting our congregation’s vision to “know Christ and make Christ known” with your tithes and offerings. With your generous gifts, you are ensuring that I and our staff are taken care of; our shut-ins and needy are taken care of; our buildings and grounds are taken care of, children and youth can receive care; and we can contribute to our community needs and our missionary in Africa. As a small church, we do a lot! I always say, we are the healthiest and strongest small church in Rome and in our district. We can do all things because of God’s grace and because of your generosity! 
    Most importantly, your tithes and offerings are your expression of gratitude and thanksgiving to the God you worship and serve, who provides for your every need, even before you ask. We give because we believe in God and because we believe in God’s church.

    Enclosed is your giving statement for the last 7 months! I also receive a lot of questions about the state of our denomination. So I am including the disaffiliation process documents. To stay in our denomination, we do not need to do anything but to join another denomination, we need to be versed in the disaffiliation process. I do have thoughts and opinions on what our church needs to do, but I do not have a vote on this matter. I pray and pray that our congregation makes a faithful decision, and I am here to be your spiritual guide and pastoral leader. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any further questions.  

    Thank you so much for being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and a generous, loving Body of Christ.

​In Christ's Service with You,
Rev. Dr. Millie L. Kim
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